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Get Yourself & Your Ideas Funded.

We are helping performers and creators fund their ideas using the DeFi application of blockchain.

Gigix DeFi is all about the performers and the fans!

Connect with fans

Fans are always appreciative of the people they love, but rarely have the proper tools and hassle-free opportunities to support them without most of the value getting lost in transaction fees. We provide a simple way to connect fans and performers for great mutual benefit.


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Fund your ideas

We believe that every creative should and can live the life they dream of with the support of their fans. Anything from your new project, the tour you’ve always wanted to do or some premium merchandise - Gigix Defi is the place to make it happen.

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For Fans:

Search for your favourite artist. Become part of his close network by supporting him using blockchain. Enjoy the benefits from the creators you love but also from the crypto protocol that we have in store.

Rewards for supporting

When you support people on our platform you get all the benefits that the creator is offering

Crypto reward

Become part of the network

Since you also get rewards in crypto there’s no limit to the utility that you could be provided with one day

It’s human nature to want to be a part of some great community. Why not become part of the community that supports your favorite creatives and get chances to interact with them.

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Flexible ways for payouts

Payouts are usually a pain in the FIAT world. But here, at Gigix, we provide you with the infrastructure to receive crypto payments in the form of stable coins. It’s a simple and fast way to collect the contributions and move them to your crypto wallet.

Easily create goals and campaigns

You’re just a couple steps away from creating a campaign page for your project and start collecting contributions from your audience.

For Performers:

Create your campaigns and crowdfund your ideas or needs with only the people that have always wanted to support you. Reach your financial goals and connect with your audience in a more meaningful and lasting way.

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How it works


1. Create campaign

Use Gigix Defi to create your page. It could be anything from funding your projects or any charity cause you might support and much more.


3. Reach your audience

Find the people that are willing to contribute to your cause.


2. Set a goal

Set your goal in stable coins - USDT. 1 USDT is exactly $1 US Dollar.

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4. Collect your contributions

When the time you set passes and your contribution goal is reached you can collect it.

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Early adopters

Become an early adopter and start funding the life you want to live. Gigix DeFii is the place where you can share your dreams with your audience and help them be a part of it.

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GIGIX DeFi is part of the Evedo Ecosystem

Evedo is a company with close to 5 years of experience in building solutions for the Events & Entertainment industries using innovative blockchain technology blockchain technology.

The aim is to build a marketplace and a true ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middleme

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How do I contribute?

You can contribute with your crypto wallet. It’s as easy as connecting it to Gigix Defi, entering the amount you want to contribute.

What kind of currency is available on Gigix Defi?

Gigix contributions can be raised and collected in Tether USDT which is part of the Ethereum network.

What kind of wallet can I use?

You can use one of the most popular and easy to use crypto wallets - Metamask or any other wallet that uses WalletConnect standard.

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